Graduate Study in Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden, USA

Have you considered going into graduate study in childhood studies at Rutgers-Camden? It seems like such a simple time, but there’s a whole world of research and analysis dedicated to understanding graduate study. And guess what? Rutgers-Camden in the USA has a remarkable program you might want to check out!


Graduate Study in Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden, USA


Whether you’re a local student or considering venturing abroad for graduate school, this program is worth considering. Did you find it interesting? If yes, keep scrolling down the article as we discuss Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden!


Now, you want to go into graduate study. The Department of Childhood Studies is now accepting applications. For this reason, you can fund the PhD program, which is available for qualified applicants. Additionally, if you are interested in applying for a Ph.D. or M.A. in the same childhood studies,  the application process has commenced. 



I know you would like to know the whole process,  the eligibility criteria,  the requirements, and more.  Congratulations! You are on the right page. Kindly stick to this article to the end for more information. 


What is a Graduate Study? 

A graduate study is a study that follows after obtaining your first-degree certificate.  To become a graduate student, you must obtain a master’s or PhD degree. With this program, you can finish your research and thesis while pursuing proficiency in your subject of study.


In simple terms, a graduate study is a study that is made specifically for students who have completed their bachelor’s degree. Students who wish to continue studying to work in highly specialized industries or academic subjects, develop their knowledge, or acquire technical abilities are needed in this type of study. 

In a variety of subject areas, graduate studies include the following examples.

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
  • Master of Science in Engineering
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This master of business administration is for bachelor’s degree students who studied business administration. This program focuses on outstanding business management skills, leadership, and strategic thinking.  It is often sought by professionals striving for executive positions or entrepreneurial ventures. This program is for students who have their first degree in business administration. They further their education to develop competence and gain more insight into the nitty gritty of business.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology

This is another example of a graduate study specifically for psychology students who already have their first degree in psychology. Students in this field study human behavior in depth, conduct original research, and contribute new knowledge.  This study often leads to careers in academia, research, or specialized clinical practice. 


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

This program is specifically for students in Fine Arts. It is a program for individuals pursuing advanced studies in creative fields such as visual arts, creative writing, theater, or film, emphasizing creative production and mastery of the craft.


Master of Science (M.S.) in Engineering

This is the second example of graduate studies. Are you an engineering student who has completed his bachelor’s degree and you are looking for graduate study to go for? The master of science is a specialized program in various engineering disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical, civil, or computer engineering, focusing on advanced technical knowledge, research, and problem-solving skills. By going into it,  your understanding of the subject matter increases. 


Master of Public Health (MPH)

Master of Public Health is a program that equips students with knowledge and skills in public health principles, epidemiology, health policy, and community health, aiming at improving health outcomes at a population level.

About Rutgers-Camden, USA

Rutgers University–Camden is one of the three regional campuses of Rutgers University. There are four campuses of this public land-grant research university located throughout New Jersey. The address is 303 Cooper St, Camden, NJ 08102, United States; hence, providing comfort and quality education.

The average cost for first-time, full-time students receiving financial aid is around $13,000 after aid, according to the US Department of Education. Regarding non-first-time, full-time undergraduates who finish their degrees in six years, Rutgers-Camden has an impressive graduation rate of 77%. This percentage represents the majority of students (54%) according to the 2021–22 College Scorecard data. Furthermore, the campus’s comprehensive admissions approach is reflected in its 79% acceptance rate.

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Graduate Study in Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden, USA

Rutgers University-Camden’s Department of Childhood Studies boasts a distinguished graduate program, perfect for individuals passionate about understanding children and the complexities of childhood. Their Master of Arts (MA) degree caters to those seeking a comprehensive and nuanced perspective on this vital stage of life.

The program differentiates itself through its interdisciplinary lens. It incorporates insights from various fields like history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and education, creating a rich tapestry of knowledge about children’s experiences. This multi-faceted approach allows you to explore childhood across cultures, historical periods, and social contexts.

The MA in Childhood Studies equips graduates with diverse skill sets applicable to many child-centered careers. You’ll be prepared for roles in various fields, including:

  • Education: Become a well-rounded educator who understands how children learn and develop.
  • Social Work: Equip yourself to advocate for children’s well-being and navigate their social challenges.
  • Healthcare: Gain valuable knowledge to work with children in pediatric settings or child development centers.
  • Policy and Advocacy: Shape policies and programs that positively impact children’s lives. 

Rutgers-Camden’s commitment to the program is evident in their dedicated building for Childhood Studies. This state-of-the-art facility fosters a vibrant learning environment with features like:

  • Modern Conference and Seminar Rooms: Facilitate engaging discussions and collaborative learning experiences.
  • Up-to-date Computer Lab: Provides access to the latest technology and resources for research and coursework.
  • Dedicated Office Space: Offers a conducive environment for faculty-student interaction and support.

The department fosters a supportive community where students can thrive. You can expect opportunities to:

  • Engage with Renowned Faculty: Learn from distinguished scholars who are experts in childhood studies.
  • Connect with Peers: Network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for children and their development.
  • Pursue Research Interests: Explore specific areas of childhood studies under the guidance of experienced faculty members.

However, Graduate study in childhood studies at Rutgers-Camden, USA, offers both Master of Arts (M.A.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs. It centers on an in-depth examination of kids and childhood from many academic disciplines. The curricula include contextual and theoretical studies of childhood in cultural and global contexts, hence making them multidisciplinary.

To be eligible for the M.A. program, you must have your official transcript, recommendation letter, and personal statements (name, number, etc). For Ph.D. programs, you must provide a writing sample (10+ pages), official transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and an outstanding GRE score. To transfer from the M.A. program to the Ph.D. program, students need to submit a different application.

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Conclusion on Graduate Study in Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden, USA

Pursuing a graduate study in Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden, USA, is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. With its renowned program, dedicated faculty, and exceptional career opportunities, Rutgers-Camden is the perfect place to further your education and make a lasting impact in the field. Don’t hesitate to take the next step toward your academic and professional goals with Rutgers-Camden.

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