Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students to Study in USA 2024

Columbia University scholarship for displaced students to Study in USA is a scholarship for international students. It has played a vital role in curbing conflict, violence, persecution, or other human rights violations in different homes. Due to this incident, some students find their academic funding expensive, preventing them from pursuing their academic careers.


Imagine being forced out of your home after being admitted into your dream school. At times, you are left with nothing to hold hands on. Thankfully, the solution is here. With a Columbia University scholarship, your financial aid for education is guaranteed. Do you know the exciting part? They’re offering a fully funded scholarship for displaced students, like refugees or asylum seekers, to get their undergraduate or graduate degrees in the US. And it lasts for your degree duration.


Imagine studying at Columbia University:  a university filled with professional professors, world-class facilities, and a chance to be surrounded by brilliant minds worldwide. This scholarship wipes away the financial worries and lets you focus on getting a fantastic education.

Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students to Study in USA

If you couldn’t complete your studies due to a crisis or your education was disrupted altogether, this scholarship is the best option for you. It’s a chance to chase your academic dreams and build a brighter future.


So, check out this blog post till the end to know the necessary information about the scholarship, starting from what the scholarship is all about, the eligibility criteria, the admission process, etc. Let’s hop in.

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What is the Columbia University Scholarship?

The Columbia Scholarships are one of the financial aid programs offered by the University for displaced students to study in the USA. Those students must be full-time and in-person students. Columbia University is one of the top-ranked universities with competent lecturers and a student-friendly learning environment. 

It is included as one of the prestigious fully funded scholarships in the USA.  It was launched in 2019 by Columbia Global in partnership with participating schools to provide financial assistance to disabled students who have prevented them from furthering their academic careers at Columbia University. Columbia University is nestled in New York City. It is the oldest university in New York.

The Columbia scholarship aids in providing displaced students with total tuition fees and also helps cater to their personal needs (non-tuition fees). Currently, this program has allowed 50 students from 25 countries to further their academic careers in Columbia schools

Which Countries are Eligible for Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students?

Undoubtedly,  the Columbia University Scholarship is for foreign nations students.  However, not all countries are qualified to apply for the fully funded scholarship for displaced students. 

Below is the list of qualified countries. So, if you are from the following countries, you can apply.

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Eligibility Criteria for Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students 

The Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students is available for international students, but you must meet some criteria because you are qualified for application.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Every displaced student must have Refugee status (worldwide)
  • He must have Temporary Protected Status in the U.S. 
  • He must be an Afghan national in the U.S. on humanitarian parole or with a special immigrant visa. 
  • He must have gotten asylum in the United States or presented a U.S. asylum application
  • Must be an Internally displaced student. 
  • He must also be a Ukrainian national in the U.S. on parole. 

Important Facts:

  • Every U.S. citizen and permanent resident is disqualified from the scholarship.
  • Inability to apply for the scholarship for a degree program will disqualify you.
  •  There are no age and gender restrictions.
  • Every applicant must be prepared to enroll as full-time, in-person students to be qualified for the scholarship.

How to Apply for Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students 

Apply for the scholarship is simplified by following the under-listed processes.

  1. Applicants must apply through the Columbia University Scholarship official website
  2. Ensure you apply to a participating degree program.
  3. Ensure you have known the schools’ admission requirements and their deadlines.
  4. The scholarship is competitive, so ensure you present your necessary documents and details, writing an essay on why you deserve the scholarship.
  5. Ensure you complete the application form with the necessary information needed.
  6. Submit the Scholarship for Displaced Students application here.

For easy contact, you can reach them out by emailing them at

Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)

Q1: Who are the international eligible  Displaced Persons?

A: The eligible international displaced students are those with refugee status, asylum in the U.S., Temporary Protected Status, internal displacement, Afghan nationals on parole, or Ukrainian nationals on parole. 

Q2: What makes me ineligible for the scholarship?

A: You are ineligible for the scholarship if you are U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Q3. What is the Deadline for Scholarship Application?

A: Ensure you submit both degree program and scholarship applications before the degree program’s deadline.

Conclusion on

Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students to Study in USA

Columbia University offers top-notch education. The best part is that it provides scholarships for displaced students.  That’s a fantastic opportunity. If you’ve had to put your studies on hold because of displacement, this scholarship could be your chance to get back on track and chase your academic dreams.

Studying in the USA at Columbia University opens doors you might not have thought possible. You’ll be surrounded by brilliant professors and classmates, learning in an environment that pushes you to grow. Plus, with full tuition, housing, and living expenses covered, you can focus on your studies without worrying about the financial burden.This scholarship isn’t just about academics, though. It’s about allowing displaced students to rebuild their lives and contribute to the world despite the crisis. 

Columbia University is recognizing the potential in YOU, and they’re investing in your future. So, if you’re a displaced student eager to learn and make a difference, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Check out the eligibility criteria and application process discussed in this article– you might be surprised at how close you are to achieving your academic goals, even as a displaced student.


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