Karsh International Scholarships at Duke University, USA 2024

The Karsh International Scholarships at Duke University are included among the scholarships for international students. Through the scholarship, students receive quality education to bridge cultures and continents. With its unparalleled educational curriculum and standard teaching aids, no student will regret being opportune to be admitted.


Karsh International Scholarships at Duke University, USA


Imagine wishing to study abroad but you are financially incapacitated. This is an opportunity you should embrace. With Karsh International Scholarships at Duke University, your tuition fees, comprehensive support system, and personal development are certain. These scholarships offer diverse opportunities for academic excellence. It also paves the way for a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives among the brightest minds from around the world.

You see, someone is studying abroad soon. But something is missing. Do you know the eligibility criteria, the basic requirements, and the admission process? Don’t panic; this article is for you. By the end of this article, you will get answers to the above question. Just keep going through the article for a more comprehensive guide.

Before we move further, let’s know what the Karsh International Scholarships are all about.


What are Karsh International Scholarships?

The Karsh International Scholarship is one of the financial aid programs offered by Duke University, one of the most prestigious institutions. It is one of the fully funded scholarships in the USA.  It was launched in 2010 by Martha L. and Bruce A. Karsh. The university is located in the province of the United States of America (USA). The scholarship is established with a vision to empower international students who want to pursue their bachelor’s degree in all fields of study (any subject) they are bankrupt of to pursue their academic dreams

On the contrary, the Karsh International Scholarships are also awarded to students who encourage interdisciplinary investigation, good academic research, and scholarship in the service of society.  Additionally,  it facilitates the transformative impact of education and the role it plays in fostering global leaders.

The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, and board, compulsory fees, indicated need that surpasses those costs, and three summers of financing for research. It also provides unpaid internships and other chances that will promote your academic career.

Which Countries are Eligible for Karsh International Scholarships

Undoubtedly,  the Karsh International Scholarships are for international students. However, not all countries are eligible. 

Below is the list of qualified countries. So, if you are from the following countries, you can apply.

  • Brazil 
  • Chile 
  • England 
  • Ethiopia 
  • Ghana 
  • Italy 
  • Iran 
  • India 
  • Nepal 
  • Morocco 
  • Kenya 
  • Rwanda 
  • Philippine
  • Romania 
  • South Korea 
  • Nigeria
  • Russia 
  • Zimbabwe 
  • Tunisia 
  • Wales, etc.

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Eligibility criteria for Karsh International Scholarships

You have seen the eligible countries for the Karsh International Scholarships. Interesting. But there are five (5) other eligibility criteria you must consider before application. Continue going through the article to note the requirements.

They are as follows:

  1. Applicants must be international students. That is, he must not be a US citizen or a dual citizen that involves the USA and another country.
  2. There are needs to complete your monetary aid form. So, every student must fill in the meaning spaces with their required information.
  3. Every B. A B.S. degree graduate from any institution is not eligible. 
  4. Candidates with outstanding leadership skills and academic potential will be considered first. 
  5. Candidates should exhibit a strong foundation in academics and provide official documentation of one’s need for financial aid.

Basic Documents Necessary for Karsh International Scholarships

Before you apply for this scholarship there are some documents you need to provide to solidify your application process. 

They are;

  • Completed Application Form.
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Standardized Test Scores 
  • Financial Aid Documents 
  • Essays 
  • Personal Documents

How to Apply for Karsh International Scholarships

Do you want to apply for Karsh International Scholarships, consider applying to  Duke University and request financial assistance or visit their official website. 

But to ease the process, the following are ways to navigate the application process.

  1. Go to your browser and visit Duke University’s official website.
  2. Search the scholarship application portal.
  3. Create your account. This account is where you will complete and submit your application.
  4. With your valid details, complete the scholarship form.
  5. Provide all the necessary documents and the financial assistance form.
  6. Careful review your application for the correct errors if any.
  7. Submit your application form. Ensure that you submit it before the deadline.

What I will get from Karsh International Scholarships

Getting a cash international scholarship at Duke University USA comes with uncountable benefits. Do you know why students are applying for it frequently? It is a fully funded scholarship for international students. I know you would like to know what you will get after being admitted from the Scholarships. Keep on reading.

  1. Karsh International scholarships at Duke University USA are tailored to provide adequate coverage of students’ tuition fees. This is because they want international students who want to pursue their academic careers abroad but don’t have any assistance to fulfill their dreams.
  2. With this scholarship, your accommodation fees are taken care of. You enjoy a relaxed and conducive living environment throughout your stay in the school. 
  3. You will be opportune to connect with other students from different backgrounds and countries. 
  4. With Karsh International Scholarships, you will be provided with funding for unpaid internships.
  5. This scholarship also offers support for summer research projects over three different summers, further exemplifying its dedication to intellectual growth.
  6. At Duke University, there are opportunities to engage or join numerous organizations, extracurricular activities, and cultural events.
  7. As an awarded student, you can interact with renowned academic members outside of the classroom.
  8.  After graduating, scholars become part of a large alumni network at Duke University. This network offers continuous assistance, professional prospects, and a feeling of inclusion in the international Duke community.
  9. Students who study in the USA have an exceptional potential to thrive academically and fully utilize this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


With Karsh International Scholarships at Duke University, USA, you can achieve your academic dreams abroad.

Thankfully, we have discussed what the scholarship is all about, the eligibility criteria, the basic documents, how to apply, and many others. You can go through it again for more understanding. 

Remember, the application started in September  2023 and ended on January 2, 2024. If there is any extension, we shall highlight you.


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