Top 21 jobs that can give you work visa in France

Labor shortages in France fuel demand for skilled foreign workers across diverse sectors. A recent report from Statista, a prominent German online portal renowned for its data collection and visualization expertise, reveals that despite a 2.4% job vacancy rate in 2023, France is grappling with labor shortages across several industries.

EURES has identified multiple industries grappling with labor shortages in France, spanning key sectors such as manufacturing, IT, healthcare, engineering, construction and building trades, and agriculture. These sectors play a pivotal role in the French economy and are witnessing an increasing demand for skilled professionals to fill critical roles. The shortage underscores the need for strategic workforce planning and targeted recruitment efforts to address the growing skills gap in these vital sectors.

Most in demand jobs in France as reported by EURES

The EURES report underscores the high demand for skilled professionals in France, pinpointing several occupations experiencing significant demand. Some of the most sought-after roles include:


Increased Opportunities for Skilled Workers in France The demand for specific occupations and skill sets in France has created increased opportunities for foreign workers to secure suitable positions. With numerous job vacancies awaiting fulfillment, skilled individuals worldwide stand a higher chance of being hired and obtaining a work permit in France.

French Economy’s Reliance on Immigrant Skilled Workers According to a report by the French newspaper Le Monde in September, a significant portion of France’s labor force comprises immigrant skilled workers, upon whom the French economy heavily depends. However, many of these individuals work irregularly without proper permits.

Recognition of Immigrant Workers’ Importance Several members of President Emmanuel Macron’s parliamentary majority have acknowledged the indispensable role of immigrant workers in bolstering the nation’s economy.

Work Visa Requirements for Foreign Nationals While nationals from the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland can work in France without a visa, individuals from other countries must obtain a French work visa to seek employment in the country. This necessitates securing a job offer from a French employer prior to initiating the work visa application process.

Steps to Apply for a Work Visa in France:

  1. Complete the France-Visas online visa application form.
  2. Submit the receipt from France-Visas.
  3. Schedule an appointment for visa processing.
  4. Provide the required documents and undergo biometric data collection.
  5. Pay the applicable visa processing fee.
  6. Await processing of the visa application.
  7. Upon receiving the visa, ensure validation within three months of arrival in France.

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