Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

Canada is a country that supports family cohabitation. This can be seen in its immigration policy as it allows the spouse of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to file for permanent residence in Canada.


The Canadian visa processing time tends to differ depending on the country you are applying from and other reasons; which include complications during application. In this article, I would go into detail on all you need to know about the Canada spouse visa processing time.


The Benefits of a Canada Spouse Visa

The Canadian spouse visa has so many benefits accrued to it. You stand to gain some of the benefits below:

No Educational Qualifications

The program doesn’t require you to provide proof of your academic qualifications before you can acquire a permanent residence permit in Canada.

No Language Proficiency Required

You won’t be subjected to compulsory language tests in French or English before you can gain permanent residence in the country.



The Canadian spousal visa isn’t limited to just you. You can sponsor your loved ones to come to live, study, and work with you in Canada. As far as your family members are considered eligible according to Canadian law, you can relocate to Canada with them.

Live and Work in Canada Indefinitely

There is no year or time limit to your stay in Canada, you can live and work in Canada all your life using your permanent residence permit.

Be Eligible for Citizenship

After living in Canada for a couple of years, according to the law, you would naturalize if found eligible.

Healthcare System

The healthcare system in Canada is universal and advanced. You can apply for the Canada healthcare scheme and receive medical treatment for free.

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements

For you to be considered eligible to sponsor your spouse in Canada, you have to meet a list of requirements to hit the mark. Some of the requirements are:


You must be 18 years and above before you can be considered qualified to sponsor a spouse in Canada.

Social Assistance

As a sponsor, you are not to expect to receive social assistance for any reason other than the issue of disability.

Visa Status

To sponsor your spouse as a permanent resident, you have to be in Canada during the application process and also till the outcome of the application is confirmed.

Financial Undertaking

You are to show proof and also promise to take care of your spouse for some duration, financially. The time is recognized as a “Promise an Undertaking” and the duration is said to be the “Length of the Undertaking”

Keep in mind that the undertaking should last for 3 years and during this period, you would take care of your spouse, financially.

Proof of Funds

During this period, you are to show proof that you have what it takes to sustain and take care of your stay and that of your spouse in Canada.

Marital Status

You must be lawfully married to your partner. It’s important you know that Citizenship Immigration Canada doesn’t approve of marriages done outside Canada by proxy.

You May Not Be Able to Sponsor Your Spouse if:

  • You have endorsed an undertaking for your previous spouse and they haven’t been permanent residents in Canada for more than 3 years.
  • You took money on a loan and didn’t pay back any social assistance, previously.
  • You have been convicted of bankruptcy and are yet to be discharged of the claims.
  • You are found guilty of a sexual offense, violent crimes, or an offense against a family member that caused bodily harm. This depends on how long you committed the crime and if you have been granted a pardon.

Canada Spouse Visa Process

Here are the necessary steps to take if you want to sponsor your spouse in Canada:

Check Your Eligibility

This is very important, so you don’t raise your hope and that of your spouse and end up crashing them. To apply for a Canada spouse visa, you have to check if you are eligible for the Canada spouse visa. The two important things to check are the eligibility of the sponsored and the sponsor.

Get Your Documents Ready

To apply for a Canada spouse visa, you have to get your documents ready for application. You have to ensure your documents and necessities are placed in line according to the requirements.

Keep in mind that your application can be rejected if you present incomplete, missing, and unsigned forms and documents.

Apply for a Canada Spouse Visa

You are to pay the estimated visa fee for you to submit your Canada spouse visa. Your application would be evaluated by CIC according to the law in vogue. If your application is incomplete or the payments are not completed, your forms and documents would be returned.

You would receive ADR if your application is found satisfactory. Your application will be put in line by the CIC office. Also, you will be notified of the requirements for a police clearance certificate, medicals, and biometrics.


This is one of the most important parts of the Canada spouse visa application. You will get an interview from CIC Canada, either physically or through the phone. The call aims to have an understanding of each spouse’s knowledge of their relationship. The aim is to know if the relationship is truly a genuine one.

This can be the most complicated part of the interview as some spouses tend to make mistakes and disjointed talks different from that of their other partners.

The Outcome of the Canada Spouse Visa

Immediately after your application is approved, you would visit any VAC office near you to submit your passport and have a stamp of Canada spouse visa on your passport.

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

The typical time for visa processing for a Canada spouse visa is 10 to 12 months. It may take longer times in cases of complications.

The processing time is mostly influenced by:

  • How fast did you respond to any concerns or requests?
  • How fast did you provide ADR to the CIC office?
  • Did you submit a complete document and also paid the complete fee of 1050 Canadian dollars?
  • How quickly can your application be verified by CIC?
  • The country you are applying from.

Final Thoughts

Applying for a Canadian spouse ticket is quite straightforward, all you need to do is provide the necessary documentation; then wait for the good news from the CIC office. In this article, I gave a comprehensive rundown of all you need to know about Canada spouse tickets.


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