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Pre-Vocational Studies Past Questions – If you need to assess yourself or your students using Junior WAEC Pre-Vocational Studies Question and Answer  which is past questions with appropriate solutions, you’re in a right place.

Giving yourself or your students sound assessments will endow you with privilege to know where you lacking.

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Junior WAEC Pre-Vocational Studies Question and Answer

Section A : Multiple Choices – BECE Past Questions on Agricultural Science

1. ________ are those animals which are reared by man for food, to do work, for protection, use in sports and other domestic purposes.

A. Farming building
B. Farm animal
C. Hormone
D. Security

2. The three types of cattle are ________.

A. Beef, dairy, and work
B. Goat, sheep and hen
C. Donkey, protection and cat
D. Camel, sheep and dog

3. The technical name for farm animals is _________.

A. Pencil
B. Desk
C. Livestock
D. Book

4. _________ is an essential part of marketing agricultural produce.

A. Announcement
B. Advertising
C. Production
D. Farming

5. The total quantity of the product that producer offers for sale in the market is called _________.

A. Demand
B. Supply
C. Marketplace
D. School

6. Wooden crate is used for packaging _________.

A. Fresh fruit
B. Calico sack
C. Card board box
D. Plastic wrappers

7. Which of these is not a factor that determines pricing of agricultural produce?

A. Cost of production
B. Quality of production
C. Farm record
D. Market place

8. A/an _________ is to attract the interest of people who desire to buy the product.

A. Advertising
B. Carrying
C. Seller
D. Buyer

9. A ________ is used to record in the day to day transaction.

A. Book keeping
B. Computer aided
C. Sale invoice
D. Return outward

10. _________ is the process by which plants are multiplied from parent stock.

A. Operation
B. Propagation
C. Self feeder
D. Tractor

Number 1 to 10 Solutions

1. B – farm record
2. Search for it
3. C – livestock
4. B – advertising
5. B – supply
6. A – fresh fruit
7. C – farm record
8. A – advertising
9. C – sale invoice
10. B – propagation

  • Junior WAEC Pre-Vocational Studies Question and Answer

Continue studying these pre-vocational studies past questions extensively from here number 11 to 20.

11. A ________ can be defined as any abnormal in the function of the organ, tissue or system of the animal body.

A. Disease
B. Weight
C. Sneezing
D. Animal

12. One of the factors that should be considered when choosing a place to site a farm is _________.

A. Land preparation
B. Topography
C. Operation
D. Paper

13. Farm structure include the following except _________.

A. Barn
B. Silo
C. Cribs
D. Farm house

14. An okra plant found growing in a maize farm is regarded as _________.

A. Fruit vegetable
B. Weed
C. Plant
D. Legume

15. All these are agricultural products except ________.

A. Tea leaves
B. Rubber
C. Wood
D. Clock

16. Subsistence agriculture is characterized by ________.

A. Use of machine
B. Large production
C. Small farm holdings
D. Employment of large labour

17. All these are forms of Agriculture except _________.

A. Apiculture
B. Mechanical engineering
C. Horticulture
D. Crop farming

18. _______ deals with the production and management of timber and other forest products.

A. Clericulture
B. Floriculture
C. Forestry
D. Horticulture

19. The most appropriate implement for breaking up soil is the __________.

A. Harrow
B. Plough
C. Tractor
D. Ridger

20. All these are uses of farm animals except _________.

A. Clothing
B. Medicine
C. Food
D. Hormone

Answers to number 11 to 20 – Junior WAEC Pre-Vocational Studies Question and Answer

11. B – disease
12. B – topography
13. D – farm house
14. B – weed
15. D – clock
16. C – small farm holdings
17. B – mechanical
18. C – forestry
19. B – plough
20. D – hormone

  • Pre-Vocational Studies Past Questions

21. A ________ can be defined as anything constructed on the farm site to make some farming operation easier.

A. Temperature
B. Climate
C. Farm Structure
D. Concrete

22. A ________ can be described as the specific place where producers and buyers meet.

A. Shop
B. Market
C. School
D. On the road

23. A _________ is a documentation of something or event that has already happened.

A. Revenue
B. Farm record
C. Farm inventory
D. Cash book

24. A _________ is an organization that provides a market place when investors may buy and sell shares.

A. Supermarket
B. Stock exchange
C. Agriculture
D. Bank

Past Questions for JSS3 Agric

25. Vegetative propagation can also be called _________.

A. Sensual propagation
B. Puntual propagation
C. Asenxual propagation
D. Asexual propagation

26. _________ protects them from being damaged when they are transported from the farm.

A. Packaging
B. Weather
C. Pricing
D. Selling

27. The removal of excess water from the soil is _________.

A. Erosion
B. Drainage
C. Irrigation
D. Leaching

28. Which of the following practices can be used to maintain soil fertility?

A. Bush burning
B. Overgrazing
C. Crop rotation
D. Continuous cropping

29. Wheel barrow is used in vegetable garden for the following except ___________.

A. Transportation of seedling
B. Transportation of fruits
C. Sowing of seeds
D. Carrying of humus soil

30. Book keeping is the _______ recording of financial aspects of business transaction.

A. Systematic
B. Computer
C. Development
D. Contribution

Solutions to Number 21 to 30 – BECE Pre-Vocational Studies Question and Answer

21. C – farm structure
22. B – market
23. B – farm record
24. B – stock exchange
25. D – asexual propagation
26. A – packaging
27. B – drainage
28. C – crop rotation
29. C – sowing of seeds
30. A – systematic

Section B – Agric Part of the Pre-Vocational Studies Past Questions

Answer all questions

1a. Explain the term “Farm Record“.
1b. State four factors that determine the price of agricultural produce.
1c. List THREE examples of packaging materials for agricultural produce.

2a. What is an advertising?
2b. Enumerate FIVE types of farm record.
2c. State TWO importance of agriculture.

3a. List THREE types of colour.
3b. Family needs can be classified into two. Mention them and give one example each.
3c. State FIVE types of line.

4a. What are cosmetics?
4b. Enumerate FIVE reasons for wearing clothes.
4c. Give THREE examples of body building food.

Junior WAEC Pre-Vocational Studies Answer : Section B (Theory)

1a. Farm Record: farm record is the documentation of something that has already happened. The farmer, with his record, can therefore check the past performances of his farm and use the information to predict what may happen in the future. The types of farm records commonly kept by farmers are: farm diaries, farm inventories, input record and so on.

1b. Factors that determine the pricing of agricultural produce are;

(i) cost of production.
(ii) quality of the products.
(iii) quality of agricultural products.
(iv) forces of demand and supply.
(v) effect from free trade area
(vi) seasonal

1c. Examples of packaging materials for agricultural produce are;

(i) cardboard
(ii) tray
(iii) boxes
(iv) cages
(v) drum or barrels
(vi) metal containers
(vii) polythene
(viii) plastic materials
(ix) jute sacs
(x) cartons

2a. Advertising: advertising can be defined as a means through which information from the manufacturer or producer of a commodity gets to the public or few targeted audience. Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell something usually a business’ product or service.

2b. Types of farm records are;

(i) farm inventory
(ii) sales record
(iii) farm
(iv) production record
(v) input record
(vi) cash record
(vii) consumption record
(viii) profit and loss account

2c. Importance of Agriculture are for;

(i) source of revenue.
(ii) provision of raw materials for industry.
(iii) provision of jobs.
(iv) production of clothing and shelter.
(v) food production.

3a. The following are types of colour;

(i) primary colour
(ii) secondary colour
(iii) tertiary colour

3b. The following are the classification of family needs with examples;

(i) Primary needs – foods, clothes, and shelter
(ii) secondary needs – wealth, car, education.

3c. The types of lines are the following;

(i) vertical lines
(ii) horizontal lines
(iii) diagonal lines
(iv) curved lines

4a. Cosmetics: cosmetics are make-up or substances applied on the body, mainly on the skin, in order to improve natural features. They include powders, body creams and oils, lip stick and so on.

4b. Below are the reasons for wearing clothes;

(i) culture
(ii) mood
(iii) appearance
(iv) modesty
(v) protection
(vi) role identity
(vii) status or position

4c. Recognize the following as examples of body building food;

(i) meat
(ii) milk
(iii) fish
(iv) eggs
(v) beans

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